Due to a gross failure of leadership in Springfield, Illinois has fallen into an economic crisis in which employment opportunities are hard to find and are getting more scarce by the day.  Thiss ituation can not, in any way, be blamed on Republicans in Springfield.  The Democrats have a super-majority in both the state senate and the state house and control the governor's office as well.  With a super-majority trifecta, Democrats could do absolutely anything they please with or without Republican support.  Yet, they have continuted to fail Illinois, drive jobs out of the state, and put a ridiculous burden on the Illinois tax payers.

It is because of this condition that I have been forced to seek employment outside of Illinois.  In fact, I start a new position in Lansing, MI this coming Monday (July 14). 

It is with great regret that I leave Illinois, but I have to do what is best for me and those I love.  Therefore, effective immediately, I have resigned my positions with the Winnebago County Republican Party and am removing my name from the November ballot.


Proud Republican